AQUAVAL - Valorisation of water use in aquaculture using multi trophic systems

AquaVal is framed in the subtopic in Challenge I the "water reuse and water recycling technologies in the agriculture and freshwater aquaculture sectors", with clear relation to other challenges and subtopics and the European Strategy on Bioeconomy. AquaVal aims to the development of technological solutions for the treatment of water used in freshwater aquaculture facilities. The technological solutions will be combined to comprise a full treatment system, to remove pollutants and valorise effluents following the circular economy precepts. Treated water will be obtained with quality for recycling/reuse to the producing facility or discharge into natural water sources. More

Main outputs

  • Fra-Vázquez, A., Santorio, S., Palmeiro-Sánchez, T., Val del Río, Á., Mosquera-Corral, A. PHA accumulation of a mixed microbial culture co-exists with ammonia partial nitritation (2019) Chemical Engineering Journal, 360, pp. 1255-1261.

  • Santorio, S., Fra-Vázquez, A., Val del Rio, A., MosqueraCorral, A. Potential of endogenous PHA as electron donor for denitrification (2019) Science of the Total Environment, 695, art. no. 133747.

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  • Argiz, L., Reyes, C., Belmonte, M., Franchi, O., Campo, R., Fra-Vázquez, A., Val del Río, A., Mosquera-Corral, A., Campos, J.L. Assessment of a fast method to predict the biochemical methane potential based on biodegradable COD obtained by fractionation respirometric tests (2020) Journal of Environmental Management, 269, art. no. 110695.

  • Sicuro, B., Castelar, B., Mugetti, D., Pastorino, P., Chiarandon, A., Menconi, V., Galloni, M., Prearo, M. Bioremediation with freshwater bivalves: A sustainable approach to reducing the environmental impact of inland trout farms (2020) Journal of Environmental Management, 276, art. no. 111327.

  • Santorio S., Couto A.T., Amorim C.L., Val del Rio A., Arregui A., Mosquera-Corral A., Castro P.M.L. Sequencing versus continuous granular sludge reactor for the treatment of freshwater aquaculture effluents. (2021) Water Research, 201, 117293

  • Couto A.T., Cardador M., Santorio S., Arregui A., Sicuro B., Mosquera-Corral A., Castro P.M.L., Amorim C.L., Cultivable microalgae diversity from a freshwater aquaculture filtering system and its potential for polishing aquaculture derived water streams. (2021) Journal of Applied Microbiology.

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