SIM: Smart Irrigation from Soil Moisture Forecast using Satellite and Hydro Meteo Modelling

The work aims at developing an operational tool for real-time forecast of irrigation water requirements to support parsimonious water management in case of actual or forecasted drought period. The system will be a prototype version of a world wide web platform (smart device), that will support users in parsimonious irrigation water management from basin authority to single farm. More

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Maintainer Corbari Chiara
Last Updated August 27, 2019, 14:31 (UTC)
Created November 21, 2018, 10:00 (UTC)
Acronym SIM
Project Coordinator Mancini Marco
Partner 1 Massimo Menenti - Delft University of Technology - The Netherlands
Partner 2 Romualdo Romero - University of the Balearic Islands - Spain
Partner 3 Li Jia - RADI-CAS - China
Partner 4 José A. Sobrino - University of Valencia - Spain
Partner 5 Stefania Meucci - Modellistica e Monitoraggio Idrologico - Italy
Partner 6 Raffaele Salerno - Meteo Operations Italia - Centro Epson Meteo - Italy
Partner 7 Giacomo Branca - Università della Tuscia - Italy