REWATER- Sustainable and safe water management in agriculture: Increasing the efficiency of water reuse for crop growth while protecting ecosystems, services and citizens’ welfare

Water is a natural resource vital for social wellbeing and agriculture economy. Yet, during the past decades, geographic and climatic features, as well as active release of man-made chemicals, have been driving to water depletion and a loss of quality. This creates a major need for water reuse in increasingly situations, such as in agriculture. Wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) are crucial sources for water reuse, since they promote the removal of unwanted substances. More

Main outputs:

  • Amorim, J., Fernandes, M., Abreu, I., Tavares, T., OlivaTeles, L. Escherichia coli's water load affects zebrafish (Danio rerio) behavior. (2018) Science of The Total Environment 636, 767-774.

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  • Paíga, P., Correia, M., Fernandes, M.J., Silva, A., Carvalho, M., Vieira, J., Jorge, S., Silva, G., Freire, C., Delerue-Matos, C. Assessment of 83 pharmaceuticals in WWTP influent and effluent samples by UHPLC-MS/MS: Hourly variation (2019) Science of the Total Environment 648, pp. 582–600.

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