INNOMED - Innovative Options for Integrated Water Resources Management in the Mediterranean

There is a need to achieve a better understanding of the interactions between land use and climate and their effect on water resources in order to improve long-term sustainable water use. This is specially relevant in areas such as the EU Mediterranean (EUM) region, which is a major climate change hotspot due to water scarcity, concentration of activities, and reliance on climate-sensitive resources. Irrigated agriculture is the largest (blue) water user in the EUM, accounting for more than 50% of total water withdrawal, largely doubling the EU average.More

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Partner 1 Manfred Lange - Cyprus University of Technology - Cyprus
Partner 2 Patrice Dumas - Centre International de Recherche sur l’Environnement et le Développement - France
Partner 3 Tommaso Caloiero - National Research Council, CNR-ISAFOM - Italy
Partner 4 Giovanni Ravazzani - Politecnico di Milano - Italy
Partner 5 Marin Cebotari - Research Institute of Field Crops "Selectia" - RIFC - Moldova
Partner 6 Paulo Alexandre Diogo - NOVA.ID. FCT Universidade Nova de Lisboa
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