Two main issues have a high impact in the agricultural food production: the lack of water resources in some European countries and pollution with pesticides. The use of pesticides for pest control is a common practice. However, the usage patterns of water among European countries differ, e.g. Scandinavian countries rely on natural precipitation while many South European countries are facing difficulties in meeting the water demand of crops. In some European countries the use of treated wastewater has been implemented for irrigation when natural freshwater sources are scarce. More

Main outputs

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  • N. Montemurro, J. Joedicke, S. Pérez, Development and application of a QuEChERS method with liquid chromatography-quadrupole time of flight-mass spectrometry for the determination of 50 wastewater-borne pollutants in earthworms exposed through treated wastewater. Chemosphere 263 (2021) 128222

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  • S. Gallego, M. Brienza, J. Béguet, S. Chiron, F. MartinLaurent (2021) Impact of repeated irrigation of lettuce cultures with municipal wastewater on soil bacterial community diversity and composition. Environmental Science and Pollution Research. Under review.

  • S Gallego, N. Montemurro, J. Béguet, N. Rouard, S. Perez, L. Philippot, F. Martin-Laurent (2021) Ecotoxicological risk assessment of water reuse on soil microorganisms: fate and impact of wastewater micropollutants in lettuce-planted soils. Under preparation for Environmental Pollution.

  • Y. Bigott, S. Gallego, N. Montemurro, M.C. Breuil, S Perez, F. Martin-Laurent, P Schröeder (2021) Ecotoxicological risk assessment of water reuse on plant-associated microorganisms: fate and impact of wastewater borne pharmaceuticals in lettuces. Under preparation Environmental Pollution.

  • Pérez, S.; Montemurro, N.; Chirón, S.; Barcelò, D. "Interaction and Fate of Pharmaceuticals in Soil-Crop Systems - The Impact of Reclaimed Wastewater”. Volume 698 of The Handbook of Environmental Chemistry (Springer).

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